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Author Topic: loker IT lagi....  (Read 1629 times)


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loker IT lagi....
« on: January 27, 2009, 09:56:54 AM »
Job Vacancy in IT Industry.
 A well known Internet based company with fast growing future would 
 invite you to be a dream team for the e-commerce industry in Indonesia.
 We are opening job vacancies for IT in different fields and 
 1. Network & System Administrator (Junior & Senior)
       a. Experienced in with *NIX based system. Recommended : FreeBSD, 
 Centos/RHEL, MacOSX. Minimum: Fedora
       b. Familiar Apache, the settings & other plugins such as mod_jk, 
 ssl, etc.
       c. Familiar with Java in Linux (Installation)
       d. Familiar with Application Server Installation (Web Logic, Jboss, 
 Glasfish, MySQL, PostSql, Oracle)
       e. Familiar with Load Balancer / Cluster technology
       f. Experience in CISCO technology (Router, Firewall, Switches). And 
 other brands would be very advantages.
       g. Willing to stand by 24 Hours (On Call)
       h. Have own transportation
       i. Fast learner
       j. Year of age max 30 (Junior), max 40 (Senior)
 2. Junior Application PHP
       a. Very handy in PHP and the technology
       b. Good SQL queries (Standard)
       c. Fast builder
       d. Understands MVC concept
       e. Fluent in communication (Indonesia & English)
       f. Willing to travel out of office
       g. Fast learner & eager to learn more
       h. Year of age max (30)
 3. Junior Application Java
       a. Good in Java minimum J2SE and the technology
       b. Hands on J2EE application (Glasfish, WebLogic, Jboss, Strut, Etc)
       c. Good in reporting application (Crystal Report, Jasper iReport)
       d. Good in Templates application (Freemaker, etc)
       e. Very good SQL queries (Moderate)
       f. Understands MVC concept
       g. Fast learner & eager to learn more
       h. Year of age max (30)
 If your skill is in one of the selections, please make an e-mail with 
 subject : Position - Your name, eg: Junior Application Java - Rudy, 
 along with your Curriculum Vitae and other documents no more than 
 500KB in e-mail size. Send it to :
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 ando[dot]rulez[ at]gmail[ dot]com
 We looking forward to your application and awaits you to be one of the 
 dream team.