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loker : WCS
« on: August 13, 2010, 11:32:45 AM »
maaf pak mod numpang iklanin lowongan kerja
dikutip dari milis tetangga
mudah2an bermanfaat

hubbul walidainy


Lowongan Kerja dari WCS Indonesia
[/size]Posted: 12 Aug 2010 08:52 AM PDT[/color][/size]TERM OF REFERENCE
The Forum HarimauKita (FHK), founded in 2008, is a civil society group dedicated its vision and mission to secure the last remaining Sumatran tiger population.  To date, the FHK is supported by more than 70 individuals and  professional from 6 different organizations working to save Sumatran  tigers. The FHK is well known as the only civil society group independently working for Sumatran tigers in Indonesia.  The vision of FHK is to conserve the Sumatran tiger by harmonizing  coexistence between tiger and development in Sumatra Island. Its  mission includes: 1) to promote conservation efforts for the Sumatran  tiger and their landscape; 2) to establish the forum as the central  reference point for Sumatran Tiger conservation, and 3) to lead and monitor the implementation of the National Strategic and Action Plan  of the Sumatran Tiger Conservation. The purpose of its formation was to  serve as an independent partner for the Ministry of Forestry of  Indonesia (MoF) assisting to implement the National Strategy and
Action  Plan. Since initiated in 2008, the FHK has made significant  contributions to tiger conservation in Indonesia by organizing tiger  conservation activities by collaborating partners, providing  conservation trainings for its members and relevant partners,
providing  advisory assistance to the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia on tiger’s  related conservation issues, and having involved in major international  initiatives in global tiger conservation. Its leading roles in national  and global tiger conservation have been successfully proven by  providing a significant contribution to the MoF in the Global Tiger  Initiative since the beginning of 2009
(You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login tiative.org)  . Despite its pivotal role, however, FHK is currently limited in its  capacity mostly by its dependence on the voluntary support of its  members. Due to the fast growing needs of and to strengthen its pivotal  roles in tiger conservation, the FHK has yet to establish a legal basis  and develop a sustainable institutional structure. With support from  the Save the Tiger Fund (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login nd.org) and on behalf of the FHK, the Wildlife Conservation Society is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the position of Tiger Executive Officer with the following terms:
Position : Tiger Executive Officer
Program : Institutional and Programmatic Building
Based in : Bogor
Employment Period : August 2010 – July 2011 (12 months)
Working Scope
The  employee will provide a full assistance to the Chairman of FHK and his  secreatary in developing FHK infrastructure and programmatic  activities. S/he will be particularly responsible to develop a  long-term funding strategy and mechanism to assure the long-rem  sustainability of the the FHK. S/he will also be responsible to  maintain and improve public involvement in tiger conservation by  increasing the number of active members of the FHK.
    • To identify and establish a legal basis for the FHK that suit with its vision and mission.
    • To  ensure the long-term financial support for the FHK by developing  acceptable proposals maintain a good relationship with potential donors.
    • To ensure the long-term technical supports for the FHK by developing and maintaining a good relationship with international organizations and alliances.
    • To  identify and establish a user friendly library system for the FHK. To  collect and input literature related to tigers and large mammals into  the library system.
    • To develop and establish a website for the  FHK. To collect information related to tigers and large mammals from  credible resources and to update them into the website in regular basis.
    • To  develop and establish a newsletter for the FHK. To collect information  related to tigers and large mammals from credible resources and publish  them in the newsletter in quarter basis.
    • To develop and  establish an integrated tiger conservation database for the FHK. To  collect information related to tigers and large mammals from credible  resources and update them into the database system.
    • To  communicate science-based tiger conservation through the development of  popular articles, scientific reports and publications in Indonesian or  English, including literature research and synthesis, and report  drafting.
    • To facilitate trainings, field-based conservation trainings, meetings, and workshops for FHK members and relevant partners.
    • To identify and establish an office and its infrastructure for FHK.
    • To develop FHK program, strategic, and action plan.
    • To formally represent FHK as necessary in meetings, workshops and conferences.
    • To  maintain a good working relationships with local governments, forestry  department, universities, local NGOs and other stakeholders.
    • Travel extensively within Sumatra and beyond as required to work with relevant stakeholders and partner organizations.
    The  FHK is a newly established professional group having a fast growing  conservation needs to help conserving the the last remaining Sumatran  tigers. This job offers an excellent opportunity for a self-motivated  and highly dedicated individual to develop and strengthen a newly  established and unique multiparty organization with the following  qualification:
      • A minimum of first level degree preferably in  biology, Forestry, or Agriculture (S1) with three years of working  experience in wildlife conservation- related area and program  development.
      • Target oriented, and has an excellent ability in project planning, implementation, and evaluation.
      • Having an excellent record in proposal writing, fund raising, and networking.
      • Able  to operate MS office and GIS packages, familiar with graphic design and  database packages, well skilled in photography, and web design.
      • Able to work at any circumstances, and deal with tide schedule and unscheduled tasks.
      • Having an excellent communication skill both in English and Indonesian, and able to work independently and in group.
      • Excellent in Indonesian and English, both oral and written. Good writing skill.
      • Willing to travel extensively across Sumatra and beyond.
      [/list]A qualified candidate shall send a cover letter, a short resume, expected salary, and two professional references to . No correspondence and only short-listed candidates (3-5) will be notified. Your email should have a subject
      heading of TEO. Deadline: August 20, 2010.
      Wulan Pusparini
      Species Conservation Officer
      Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program
      Jl. Burangrang No. 18
      Bogor 16151, West Java – Indonesia
      Mobile : +628128816980
      Email (1) :
      Email (2) :
      Email (3) :
      [/tr][tr][td][/size]Lowongan Kerja dari TNC Indonesia
      [/color][/size]Posted: 12 Aug 2010 08:17 AM PDT[/color][/size]Current TNC Indonesia have open position and searching for:[/size]
        • Outreach and Environmental Education Manager
        • The Nature Conservancy’s Indonesia Marine Program
        [/list]The  Outreach and Environmental Education Manager is responsible for  developing an outreach, constituency building and environmental  education strategy as an umbrella to effectively communicate  conservation messages, and promote conservation and stakeholder  involvement efforts. S/he will work with field teams to support the  development of outreach strategies in support of Marine Protected Area  (MPA) establishment and management goals. S/he leads the socio-economic  (perception) monitoring and evaluation for TNC-IMP, assess and identify  necessary training needs for field teams to implement site monitoring,  and provide input for adaptive management. S/he will identify and/or  strengthen existing learning networks for outreach and marine  conservation education, ensuring all marine conservation education  curricula for formal and informal education in the places we work are  aligned with overall MPA establishment and management goals.  Extending  the learning networks to include broader stakeholders to leverage  site-based conservation education experiences and promote their  replication throughout the Coral Triangle nations. S/he also identifies  the needs for capacity building of TNC-IMP outreach teams, and helps  design, develop and provide training to outreach teams. Capture lessons  learned gathered from outreach and marine conservation education work  on the ground and translate the lessons into various marketing  collaterals.
          • Bachelor’s  degree in biological sciences or natural resources management and 5-7  years’ experience in community development and/or conservation  education, or equivalent.
          • Working knowledge of current trends in relevant discipline.
          • Excellent communications in English and Indonesian.
          • Familiarity with the political and cultural environment of the places where we work.
          • Demonstrated knowledge of the functional needs and practices of the pertinent regions.
          • Demonstrated  experience in MS Office, Word and Excel, desktop publishing. May  require database management skills with ability to produce reports.   Ability to manipulate, analyze and interpret data.
          • Prior experience in needs assessment, working with subject matter experts, and developing curriculum.
          • Management  experience, including ability to motivate, lead, set objectives, and  manage performance of a multi-disciplinary team.   Ability to foster an  environment of creativity and professional growth.
          • Having knowledge of current and evolving trends in training and curriculum design.
          [/list]Please submit your application to:  not later than 20 August 2010.
          Ratih Dewayani
          HR ManagerSkype: rdewayani
          YM: ratih_dewayani
          (+62-21) 7279-2043 (Phone)
          (+62-21) 7279-2044 (Fax)
          (+62)8118205202 (Cell)
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          The Nature Conservancy
          Indonesia Program
          Graha Iskandarsyah 3rd Floor
          Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No. 66C
          Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160
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