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Author Topic: 17 tempat paling berbahaya di web  (Read 2626 times)


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17 tempat paling berbahaya di web
« on: September 28, 2010, 11:50:51 AM »
Threat 1 >> Malicious Flash files that can infect your PC
The Place:  Websites that use Flash

Threat 2 >> Shortened links that lead you to potentially harmful places
The Place:  Twitter

Threat 3 >> E-mail scams or attachments that get you to install malware or give up personal info
The Place:  Your e-mail inbox

Threat 4 >> Malware hiding in video, music, or software downloads
The Place: Torrent sites

Threat 5 >> Malware in photos or videos of scantily clad women
The Place: ‘Legitimate' porn sites

Threat 6 >> Trojan horses disguised as video codecs, infecting your PC with malware
The Place:  Video download sites, peer-to-peer networks

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